Executive & Leadership Coaching

Achieving Your Unthinkable Potential

Your Story

Every leader has a story that brings unique value to their organization

Your Strengths

Identify leadership strengths to enhance performance and effectiveness

Your Challenges

Tackle real-life challenges to remove barriers and confidently move forward

Your Solutions

Reach your fullest potential by crafting a customized leadership development plan

Feel Like You’re Not Reaching Your Full Potential?

While training develops a team, group or an organization, there are times when coaching can be incredibly effective. Executive & Leadership Coaching is a one-on-one process designed specifically to meet to the needs of individual leaders. By uncovering approaches that are preventing a leader from reaching their full potential, coaching accelerates personal development. Through discussion, use of assessment instruments and data, Karen Holmes will work closely with the leader to create an action plan resulting in a stronger contribution to their team and organization.

What To Expect

A customized process for each individual's story, strengths and challenges

Individual sessions designed to provide confidential one-on-one coaching

Exploration of key leaderships skills to improve communication and effectiveness in delivering results. This requires execution and commitment on the part of the leader.

Leaders will leave each coaching session having discovered strategies to move them forward

Did you know people who focus on their strengths everyday are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs?

Discover what makes YOU stand out.

How It Works

Meet and Discuss Objectives

Establishing trust, ensuring there is a mutual fit and discussing the coaching objectives are critical to the foundation of a successful coaching relationship. In this first connection, discussing the timing and desired outcomes of the engagement will be covered.


Executive & Leadership Coaching Sessions

During the next series of Executive Leadership Coaching sessions, the primary focus will be reviewing instrument data, discussing strengths and challenges and developing a personal development plan to achieve the desired outcomes.

Reach Your Goals

Creating a process to check in to ensure you’re on track to execute your personal development plan and sustaining a curiosity for development and ensuring a pathway forward  is the final stage of the coaching engagement.

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